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A development blog for Cataclysm 2, the sequel to the popular post-apocalyptic roguelike.

Anonymous asked: How about fillable Indexes? You would not find info on monster until you encounter it and will find only basic info until you defeat it. Same for items. Index can be shared between characters. So you can die once, complete game with second character and create third to fill bestiary gaps. Unique monsters/items could be included in index but be unique for character/world. So you can have entry like "Sleipnir, eight-legged mutated horse: <random description like in DF> Burned to death on March 12"

That’s not a bad idea!  Though I think just seeing the monster should be enough, since really the most important time for getting this information, by far, is the first time you see it.  And yeah, we can definitely generate description pages for unique items/worlds, but obviously we can’t generate the description before generating the item, so there’s no look-ahead for those.

Anonymous asked: Hi, you have said previously that terrain has HP instead of the chance to degrade that was in Cata 1. I was thinking though does this mean you can smash a door now by shooting a pistol at it? I was wondering if you would be keen on an idea of bullets piercing through doors/walls depending on the bullet and possibly even ricocheting. I don't think it's realistic to shoot down a door but if your shooting a door the bullets travel past and hit what is behind the door. NPCs could do suppression fire

Terrain also has resistances, and most terrain has very high piercing resistance (which is the damage type bullets deal).  So shooting bullets through a door won’t destroy it generally.

I do like the idea of bullets piercing through obstacles like this though!  A little reworking of the way projectiles and terrain inter

Tumblr sucks sometimes

So, I just noticed (and a couple of you pointed out) that Tumblr deleted my answers to a bunch of questions before posting them.  Some of those answers were kind of long and carefully thought-out and I don’t really feel like rewriting them :\  Sorry…

In-game documentation

I’ve been working on in-game documentation for the past few days, and it’s finally done!  Basically, all the documentation is drawn from text files (with some special markup in them).  This makes it possible to edit hlep without having to recompile; it also means you can just read the text files if you want (a simple regex will remove the markup).

Here’s a screenshot of the help screen:

That’s a Cuss interface, of course, with lots of keybindings.

In some places, the help actually describes things not implemented yet, so it’s a bit of a crystal ball.

The three items at the bottom are special.  Rather than being just long instructional texts, they’re “live:”

  1. Key commands - This looks at the currently-loaded keybindings file and tells you what keys do what.  Like in Cataclysm 1, you can re-bind your keys here.
  2. Item Index - This one is kind of cool.  Lots of roguelikes kind of force you to use a wiki to look up items, monsters, etc.  Rather than do that, I figured I’d make things easy on the player and bring the wiki to them.  The Item Index allows you to type the full or partial name of any item in the game, and bring up a description of that item, just like if you were examining it in your inventory.  Yes, it’s a bit spoilery, but I’m okay with this kind of “technical” spoiler.  Experienced players will learn it fast; I just want to put newbies on the same ground as them.
  3. Monster Index - Same idea as the item index.  Roguelikes (and other games) suffer from the player encountering a new monster, and really having no idea what the heck it’s supposed to be, what its abilities are, etc.  This will help a bit by letting the player pull a description of any monster in the game.  Of course, if randomized “legendary” monsters are in the game, they won’t appear here (being randomized and all).  And it won’t help with NPCs either!

Anonymous asked: Will you ever compile a WIN version please I cant wait to try this but I have no idea how to compile it for WINThanks

Anonymous asked: What's the plan with mutations this time around?

vipches asked: Whale, CDDA is start make a sound support stystem for now, what you plan to make our own sound stystem? could that be good? I think mabye we shouldn't make a real life sound, just make some code sound will do, you think?

Anonymous asked: What do I need to compile a version under Windows?

A compiler, and lots of luck, and probably some knowhow.  All you need to do is build all the .cpp files and link them - nothing is required outside of the standard libraries.  Except maybe

vipches asked: Alright, Whale, time to ask some really stuff that need to thinking now! this is my first Z-level asking! so, we all know the game have many floor can go up and go down for now, but just something to ask, does it working good? what about a gun fight on upside and downside? for example, a hostile shoot at you on the second floor window when you are standing outside ground? and how did you see that target on the upside and downside? is that possible to shooting between up and down?

Anonymous asked: Since C2 is a smaller game than the hulking chimera that is DDA, I would expect it to be leaner and run much more quickly, but it seems to take up a lot of time just moving from one cell to another. Where is that coming from, or is that just my slow computer?

Just because C2 doesn’t have as much junk and pointless content as DDA, doesn’t mean it’s less complex. In fact, since C2 has Z-levels, it’s much more complex, from an engine standpoint, than DDA.

I’m also guessing you built using the default Makefile, in which case you’re using a debug version of the game, which will run much more slowly than a fully-optimized version. Edit the Makefile, remove the debug compile options, and add in the O3 optimization option.